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Voted Cleveland's Best New Artist of 2023, LoConti is a band from Cleveland, Ohio, that delivers driving, harmonious, and passionate alternative rock music. Their singular goal is to create music that transcends space and time.

Unleashing a torrent of electrifying energy, LoConti has carved out a niche in the rock music scene with their distinctive sound and dynamic performances. The band’s intricate guitar riffs, pounding drums, and raw, emotive vocals blend seamlessly to create an auditory experience that resonates deeply with fans. Each track is a journey, exploring themes of love, struggle, and triumph, which are all brought to life through the band’s unwavering passion and commitment to their craft. Whether performing in intimate venues or on grand stages, LoConti consistently delivers a powerful and unforgettable live performance that leaves audiences craving more. Their music is not just heard—it is felt, thrumming through the veins and sparking a connection that transcends the ordinary.

LoConti’s debut album, Cherry Red, is grounded in melodic rock, with each track exploring a unique facet of everyday life. The title track, “Cherry Red,” uses a strong wall of harmonies to convey the frustration and self-imposed obstacles that can hinder a relationship. Meanwhile, “Live Again” employs driving chords to capture the euphoria of a live concert experience. “Buddy G” features expansive vocals and a deep groove to explore themes of trust, hope, and ultimately, betrayal. In “Memories,” a unique live recording from Trinity Cathedral, Eric and Henry shine a light on the significance of memories through the passage of time.



Cleveland Music Awards-Best New Artist 2023

Band Members:

    • Henry LoConti – Guitar, Vocals, & Songwriter
    • Michael LoConti – Drums
    • Eric Sconyers – Saxophone & Keys
    • Erin Donovan – Vocals & Percussion
    • Tyler Pirc – Bass
    • Trevor Carmichael – Guitar
    • Jonah Benchek – Keys & B3 Organ

Resonance in Every Note – Discover “Cherry Red”

“Cherry Red,” the debut album from LoConti, epitomizes the band’s ability to fuse raw emotion with powerful instrumentation. The song opens with an evocative guitar riff that immediately captures attention, setting the stage for the poignant lyrics that follow. The vocals, imbued with a sense of yearning and intensity, navigate the turbulent landscape of love and heartbreak. The driving rhythm and layered harmonies build to a crescendo, creating a sonic experience that is both exhilarating and deeply moving. “Cherry Red” exemplifies LoConti’s mastery of their genre, showcasing their talent for crafting songs that are as memorable as they are meaningful. As the final notes fade, listeners are left with an indelible impression, eager for the next chapter in LoConti’s musical journey.

  • Cherry Red: The title track, “Cherry Red,” uses powerful harmonies to portray the frustration and self-imposed barriers that can impede relationships.
  • Live Again: Driven by energetic chords, this track captures the exhilaration of live concerts.
  • Buddy G: Featuring expansive vocals and a deep groove, it delves into themes of trust, hope, and betrayal.
  • Memories: A live recording from Trinity Cathedral, this track allows Eric and Henry to reflect on the lasting impact of memories over time.

Breaking into the mainstream was no small feat, but LoConti’s tenacity and undeniable talent set them apart. Their debut album, filled with raw energy and compelling storytelling, caught the attention of critics and listeners alike, propelling them into the limelight. The band’s chemistry, both on and off stage, has become a cornerstone of their identity, with each member bringing their unique flair and influence to the collective sound.

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LoConti Wins BEST OF CLEVELAND 2024: Best Band SOLID GOLD Readers’ Choice Award

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Singer-songwriter Henry LoConti of Cleveland band LoConti. Photo: David Hyslop

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